Do you desire to go deeper?

Here at Wildwood, we believe in diligently studying the Scriptures. That is why we open our Bibles at every service. There are many more ways to enrich your knowledge of the Word.


Calvary Bible Institute (CBI) is a non-accredited, one-year ministry training program for students who seek to develop an understanding of the inner workings of ministry, as well as to deepen their walk with the Lord. This is a great option for students who desire practical training to equip them to serve in their local home church.

Calvary Bible Institute

Wildwood Christian Academy (WCA) provides a Christian environment and Bible-based curriculum for kindergarten through 6th grade students. WCA is an excellent fit for families who desire their student's education to be an extension of the Christian home in order to assist parents in the development of each student's spiritual, academic, physical, and social education.



School of Discipleship (SoD) is more academic than a regular church service; yet, it is still conducted in an informal and comfortable environment. The goal is for each meeting to last no longer than 1 hour.  Pastor Erik Sahakian teaches using PowerPoint so that it's easier to take notes. Students sit at tables where they have room to write and spread out a little. Pastor Erik teaches in a conversational style, which includes the opportunity to ask questions. Also, there may be light homework assignments or readings, but they are never overwhelming. The heart of SoD is to bless, not burden. There is no cost to attend School of Discipleship, but we do require you to sign up so that you can receive group emails, updates, and homework assignments. You can sign up here for the next School of Discipleship class. 

School of Discipleship

Community Christian College (CCC) offers an accredited and transferrable Associate of Arts degree in as little as 18 months. In this program students will cover all general education requirements which are taught from a biblical perspective. This is a great option for students who want to eventually transfer to a Christian university or college, but desire to take a more affordable route by doing community college first.

Community Christian College


Calvary Chapel Bible College (CCBC) is a non-accredited, two-year ministry training program for students who are seeking to study the Bible in depth and in an academic environment. This program is an excellent option for students who may sense a call to pastoral ministry or simply want a much deeper knowledge of God's Word.

Calvary Chapel Bible College

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Calvary Chapel University (CCU) offers non-accredited Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees in various ministry-elated subjects. This program is a great fit for students who desire a seminary experience with a rigorous academic environment to study ministry and the Bible in much greater depth depth. 

Calvary Chapel University