Have you ever wanted to dig deeper in the Word, or perhaps you had a question and you didn't know where to ask it?

Welcome to Wildwood's School of Discipleship!

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The purpose for School of Discipleship (SoD) is based on Ephesians 4:12, which says that the leadership of the church is given: 

"For the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ." 

So the purpose of School of Discipleship is twofold:

+ Equip and prepare believers to live out their calling to effectively serve God and others.

+ To build the believer up in their knowledge of the Word and personal relationship with the Lord.

The Lord always moves in power when we gather together in His Word. I look forward to us all growing together. I hope to see you there!

- Pastor Erik Sahakian

What You Can Expect?

School of Discipleship (SoD) is more academic than a regular church service; yet, it is still conducted in an informal and comfortable environment. The goal is for each meeting to last no longer than 1 hour.  Pastor Erik Sahakian teaches using PowerPoint so that it's easier to take notes. Students sit at tables where they have room to write and spread out a little. Pastor Erik teaches in a conversational style, which includes the opportunity to ask questions. Also, there may be light homework assignments or readings, but they are never overwhelming. The heart of SoD is to bless, not burden. There is no cost to attend School of Discipleship, but we do require you to sign up so that you can receive group emails, updates, and homework assignments. You can sign up here for the next School of Discipleship class. 

What You Should Bring?

Always bring your Bible. Pastor Erik will regularly ask the class to turn to a specific scripture and may even ask for volunteers to read aloud. Also, bring something to write on and a writing instrument. You can also bring something to snack on or drink, but we do provide refreshments available for a donation.

When and Where do We Meet?

We meet in the Student Ministry Sanctuary (SMS) on Sunday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. when School of Discipleship is in session. The SMS is the back modular on the left side of the grouping of modular buildings (just follow the sign). SoD sessions can last anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months, depending on the subject matter.

Angels | Understanding God’s Messengers

Sharing Your Faith

Marriage 101

Introduction to Bible Study Methods

The Origin and Inerrancy of the Bible

Understanding The Gifts of the Holy Spirit 

Getting to Know The Holy Spirit

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