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Who's ministering in Romania?


The Avram Family

Alex, Alexandra, Sarah & Naomi

"Harvest of Joy Ministries" sprung up from a deep desire to share the gospel and love of Jesus Christ while providing for the needs of the disabled children and underprivileged families of Romania and the USA.

In 2006 God answered our prayers and sent us our first child, Sarah Emma. Early in the pregnancy due to some complications, we learned Sarah had Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus. At the ultrasound where the baby was first give the diagnostic, we were given the option to abort the baby, but abortion was not an option for us. Through prayer and by faith we received peace and little Sarah was born. Sarah is a living miracle of God and a very active youngster living with her "special abilities." The Lord answered another prayer and sent our second sweet girl to the family, Naomi two years later. Naomi brings so much joy to the family and she is such a great support to her sister and a blessing to all who are around her. Our family serves the Lord together in this ministry. Through "Harvest of Joy Ministries" they share the Lord with other people here in the USA, in Romania, and everywhere they go, not on the basis of how capable they are but on the basis of how good God is. After each mission trip they come back rejoicing, amazed that God would use them. They know they are not great, but the seed they sow is powerful and potent indeed.

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