Children’s Services

+ Saturdays // 6:00 pm

+ Sundays // 8:00 am, 9:45 am & 11:30 am

+ Wednesdays // 7:00 pm

The Wildside Children’s Ministries at Wildwood Calvary Chapel is the ministry for children, nursery through Kindergarten. At Wildwood Calvary Chapel we are convinced that the Lord has a plan for every boy and girl, and it begins to unfold with the consistent and faithful teaching of His Word. By hearing God’s Word, coupled with the work of the Holy Spirit, children will learn to place their faith in Jesus Christ and then build a firm foundation for all that is in store for them as they grow in Him.

It is our desire that every child that comes to Wildwood Calvary Chapel has an opportunity to hear the consistent teaching of the Word of God. Therefore, we use God’s Word as our curriculum. We take a verse, chapter, or section at a time and systematically go through the Bible book by book. Our youngest students in the nursery enjoy baby Bible stories and songs in their room. They are tended by an excellent and caring nursery staff. We also offer a hands-on approach Bible teaching curriculum in our Toddler 2’s and Toddler 3’s & 4’s classes. For our older students, the Kindergarteners, we offer a more in-depth study as we go chapter by chapter through the Bible. Our plan for all ages is to provide an atmosphere that is fun, safe, and educational. The Bible is taught through a variety of venues including activities, worship, Bible study, scripture memorization, and crafts.


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